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    I just got back to Eugene to finish up my last week of classes at the University of Oregon. I spent my Thanksgiving break in Los Gatos, California where my family just moved to from Lake Forest, Illinois. I loved the sunshine and family gathering. I planned to go into Thanksgiving with the mindset to work on portion control. The Read more

    To help University of Oregon Student stay healthy during the last two weeks of classes I’ll share my top 5 food places, “splurges”, favorite workouts, and my essentials of this term. 5 healthy things to eat at the University of Oregon 1. Salad bar at Holy Cow in the EMU 2. Sushi at the Living Learning Center 3. I love Read more

    Sassy Sarah

    I can’t believe I only have 4 weeks left of my fall term! I just got back from Seattle where I got to go to the University of Washington vs University of Oregon game. I had a blast and am trying to get everything done this week so I can head down to Palo Alto for the Standford vs University Read more

    Happy Halloween!

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    Happy Halloween everyone! I have had a very busy week with midterms and Halloween festivities. All of my classes are on Monday’s and Wednesday’s making it hard to find time to squeeze in a workout especially when trying to get in some last minute studying in. Luckily, MAXUFitness gives me short interval workouts. I also make a conscious effort to Read more

    Hey everyone! There is a fall chill in the air and the Ducks are still kicking butt! It’s almost the middle of the term and I wish everything would slow down so I could enjoy my last fall term at the University of Oregon. I love the fall in Oregon because it is the perfect running temperature. This month is Read more

    It’s the second week of my senior year and I already have a long to do list of homework, sorority obligations, and fitting in time to work out. For me the challenge to eating healthy at school is having time to cook healthy meals. I am rarely at home during the day and when I am I only have around Read more